HealthMonitor Cloud

Peace of mind knowing that each server and all cameras are running

  • Monitors camera availability to ensure constant recording
  • Monitors each server on a regular basis to ensure uptime
  • Detailed server and camera dashboard for monitoring
  • Web Based interface for easy access
  • Email Notification Alerts
  • Completely hosted, setup takes minutes
  • Managed setup available for OEM Partners
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Key Features

Completely hosted, setup takes minutes

Initial setup for HealthMonitor Cloud offers a quick and simple initial setup. Simply enter the IP server details into HealthMonitor Cloud management interface and begin monitoring IP servers and Cameras in no time. No fuss setup required by the end user!

No additional server or database setup required

Health Monitor Cloud requires no additional database setup and is ready to use with the latest IP Server environment. No need for additional license purchases or third party software licenses.

Managed Accounts for Dealers and Integrators

With HealthMonitor Cloud, IP Server system Integrators can monitor and track VIP customers to provide a pro-active customer-friendly service, keeping them happy for years to come. Online tools allow dealers and integrators to independently manage end users with confidence and trust.

Log and keep track of server and camera uptimes

HealthMonitor Cloud keeps a detailed log of server and camera statuses and service availability. This detailed log is built into the main dashboard and is immediately available to end users and dealer accounts alike.

Dashboard for IP Server monitoring

HealthMonitor Cloud offers an easy to read, sortable dashboard view which allows you and your clients to quickly glance over the status of a Server and check it’s functional status. If there is an error on a server, it is easily selected and a greater detailed view of potential errors is then displayed.

Determine if cameras are not actively recording or unavailable

Camera availability is only half of the battle; don’t get caught with unrecorded video! HealthMonitor Cloud ensures that you do not miss a beat and keeps track of the cameras recording status. Additionally, with future feature sets in the works, a camera and server historical data report for annual, monthly or weekly review.

Email Notification Alerts

Email notifications will keep you on alert in the event a camera or server changes status. Emails can be customized by Subject, and body text for quick organizing later.

Customized STMP Configuration

Send email alerts from your own mail servers. This feature allows dealers complete control over deliverability for sending/receiving health monitor alerts.

Managed Environment Support

For custom OEM partners, managed environments are just as easy to setup with a quick setup wizard. Personalized technical support is available to assist for individualized help.


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Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco