How our company got started

Robert Shaw and James Whitcomb launched Video Insight on March 31, 2002. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing called attention to the deficiencies of physical security systems, and Video Insight's founders began to recognize the potential market opportunity for IT-based security solutions. The demand for improved security solutions became increasingly evident after 9/11, and, seeing an opportunity to leverage their experience in technology-enabled professional services, Video Insight's founders chose to focus their efforts exclusively on developing and delivering a superior video management software solution to the rapidly growing video surveillance market.

In 2002, IP video technology was mired in the development stage, limited by high costs and inferior image quality. Nonetheless, it was becoming clear that IP systems would present a viable alternative to analog systems in the near-term and would eventually displace analog altogether. However, in 2003, Video Insight discovered that the introduction of IP video management software technology was premature; IP cameras, while rapidly developing, were still inferior to analog cameras, and the large installed base of analog products limited opportunities for growth in the IP video surveillance market. Recognizing the need for IP technology improvement, Video Insight ordered analog products to build a presence in the security industry, grow revenue, and support further development of its IP products.

IP technology improved dramatically with the introduction of megapixel cameras. Recognizing the upcoming shift, Video Insight focused its development efforts exclusively on IP in 2007. IP camera sales have exploded over the last few years due to advances in image quality and competitive pricing of megapixel cameras. Video Insight's enterprise product is ideally positioned to help customers take advantage of this transformation in video surveillance.

Our Mission

To help protect future generations by developing innovative
technologies that are intuitive and reduce cost.

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco