Video Surveillance for Education Industry

Faced with strict safety demands, dwindling budgets, and students spread across large or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities brings special challenges. Ensuring student safety and reducing vandalism to valuable campus property is of great importance. Video Insight’s easy-to-use enterprise video management and surveillance software provides a solution that is affordable and maximizes the efficiency of existing infrastructure so educators can focus on what’s most important – education.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Set up and Manage
  • User-Friendly Monitoring and Investigations with one-click access to information
  • Multi-System Growth and Management of school surveillance, access with visibility across all campuses from anywhere
  • Support more cameras with less hardware
  • Future Proof Investment through custom applications or technology upgrades
  • Support for Access Control
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Access Control Integration

Certified integration with popular access control platforms. Featuring alarms displayed inside of Video Insight’s thick, thin and mobile clients as well as the option to lock and unlock doors. Learn More
Panic Button Integration

In the event of an emergency, panic button can be a lifesaver. Activate alarms, automated lockdown, trigger first responder notification and more with a simple click.
Mapping Support

Provide situational awareness with maps of the facility. Accessible from all clients, users can click on a camera icon anywhere on the map for a live video feed. Learn More
Access Control Out-of-the-Box

MonitorCast is an enterprise access control application that comes integrated with the VMS solution out of the box. It allows K-12 and University door management access, scheduling and live reporting without any additional cost. Learn More
Integrated Health Monitoring

The Video Insight Server sends continuous camera and server status updates. Administrators are notified via email or mobile device with server and camera related issues of the entire district. Learn More
Grants Available

Schools and colleges are chosen each month to receive software and equipment necessary to begin using Video Insight. Learn More.

Available for Mac and Windows OS

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco