VI Monitor 6 Video Management Software

Enterprise VMS Client that allows centralized IP camera viewing and management from any server

  • Quick-view live and recorded video from any camera
  • Easy to use, intuitive video management software
  • 3,000 IP camera models from 100 manufacturers
  • Supports 200 - 300 cameras per OS
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Facility maps

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Key Features

Enterprise VMS features you love at no extra cost

Health Monitor, Video Wall, automated failover, unlimited clients and users, Active Directory/LDAP integration - all at no extra cost
Wide range of supported cameras

Video Insight v6 supports over 3,000 camera models from more than 100 manufacturers - Learn More
Pure 64-bit — more cameras per single server

Our new 64-bit client provides unparalleled scalability and performance. Add one camera or hundreds anywhere on the network or across the entire organization, regardless of geographic location.
Make the most of your legacy systems

We provide easy integration with existing systems, including access control and building management. Our robust SDK and API make it easy to maintain a single interface and manage all systems from a centralized console
Simple and easy to use

A left navigation tree structure provides easy and simple navigation between locations (servers) and cameras. Navigate through custom layouts and facility maps, without requiring major training or support
Surveillance Anywhere

Video Insight allows you to monitor your system remotely with our free app for Apple and Android devices. Reduce response time by viewing live and recorded video from anywhere - Learn More
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than any other VMS

Affordability, flexibility, and a simple licensing model are what set Video Insight apart from the rest — we provide the most cost-effective enterprise class VMS solution on the market
Peace of mind with our Customer Assurance Plan (CAP)

What good is your current surveillance system if cameras are down and you don't know it? Our Customer Assurance Plan (CAP) provides proactive monitoring and diagnostics to ensure you are never in the dark. Receive notifications upon failure and get the assistance needed to solve the problem — this even includes replacement of cameras that were purchased from Video Insight. - Learn More

More Features

IP Server

The IP Server is the heart of the Video Insight software product suite. It communicates directly with cameras – requesting images, forwarding images to clients, and saving them for review. The Server runs as an unattended application on standalone hardware or in virtual environments.
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Integration with Access Controls

A comprehensive security solution consists of more than just one component which is why Video Insight integrates with a variety of access control providers. Blending the key strengths and powerful features of both video surveillance software and access control allows end users to view critical information from both systems within one interface.
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HealthMonitor Cloud

The HealthMonitor Cloud Service offers users peace of mind knowing that each server and all cameras are running to minimize the risk of missing an important event. HealthMonitor Cloud monitors each of your servers on a regular basis to ensure server uptime and reporting of any issues affecting the servers. The HealthMonitor Cloud Service will keep track of all cameras enrolled on your server to monitor camera failures and cameras not recording.
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OEM Partners Opportunity

At Video Insight we value the relationships we’ve developed with our partners and take pride in helping them create opportunities that enrich their product offerings and provide great value to customers. We put great emphasis on partnering with dedicated organizations, integrators, and dealers who share our core values of providing the best video surveillance software and services at the most affordable price.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

The Video Insight Software Development Kit (SDK) is an application programming interface that provides the ability for third-party software developers or supported OEMs to develop their own client-side applications to access live and recorded video from Video Insight servers via an interface provided by Video Insight.
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Support for Over 130 Encoders

You don't have to purchase all new IP video cameras to experience IP technology. Using video encoders you can convert your existing analog cameras to IP video. Encoders convert your existing analog cameras to superior IP video, providing the most affordable, yet simple, solution to centralize and scale your video surveillance system. Migrating to IP video from analog using video encoders sets the foundation for a video management system where you can easily add existing and new cameras – analog or IP – to your network. It’s also a lot more affordable than you think – with some options ringing up at less than $100 per camera.
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VI Monitor 6 view with 9 screens
VI Monitor 6 view with floor plan
VI Monitor 6 for Mac

MonitorCast 3 Access Control (Included)

Monitorcast 3 entrance with employee history

iOS app view of Monitorcast 3

MonitorCast is an enterprise access control product that comes bundled with VI Monitor 6. MonitorCast v3 features compliment most facilities, allowing them to access to the most used features in the access control industry. Those features include unlimited scalability and card holders, simultaneous users, and seamless integration to our v6 video management software platform.

System Requirements

Minimum specifications depend on the number of simultaneous live images displayed. VI Monitor receives compressed data and uses the local CPU to decompress and display. When viewing a single image almost any Windows based PC will work. As the number of cameras or resolution increases, so do the systems requirements. If the workstation is capable, the IP Server will send all requested images to VI Monitor, but if the local system is not capable of decompressing the images, the Server will automatically adjust the FPS to a lower rate.





2.0 GHz dual-core

2.4 GHz quad-core


4 GB

8 GB+


256 MB

1 GB


100 Mb/s

1 Gb/s+

Display Resolution

1600 x 900

1920 x 1080 or higher

Used By Companies of All Sizes

Panasonic, Sony, Axis, D-link, Pelco

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