Video Insight webinars provide valuable information and insight that can be of great help when selecting your next VMS solution. They also provide tips, best practices, and ideas to get the most out of your next Video Insight deployment.

If the webinar you are looking for is not listed in the table below, it may have already occurred. You can watch previously recorded webcasts anytime in the "On Demand" section. If you have topic ideas or would like to see a webinar on a specific Video Insight feature, send us an email and we'll work to create one in the near future.

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Dailly Webinar: Join us for a brief overview & demonstration of Video Insight’s capabilities. This webinar is roughly 30 minutes long and will focus heavily on the functionality available in Video Insight’s main PC-based client, VI Monitor 6. The demonstration is followed by a brief Q&A session.
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The New VI MonitorPlus Client – Faster, More powerful than ever!
Friday, May 26

Join Panasonic as we refresh the Video Insight software with an updated user interface and discuss many of the changes that will be occurring under the hood. We will delve into how Panasonic is planning for and anticipating the future of video surveillance and Video Insight's updates will add greater flexibility, functionality, and stability to our solution.

  • Date and Time: Friday, May 26, 12pm CST
  • Duration: 60 mins

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How to Expand Situational Awareness
Thursday, Jun 1

How to Expand Situational Awareness: Features and Functions of Video Insight’s Open Display Clients. Whether you want to increase situational awareness, decrease incident response times, or provide an active deterrent to keep your site secure, Video Insight's Open Display Clients can help you achieve your goals by transforming any display into an extension of your surveillance solution.

  • Date and Time: Thursday, Jun 1, 12pm CST
  • Duration: 60 mins

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Unification Through Integration
Thursday, Jun 22

Join Video Insight to expand the functionality of your Surveillance System beyond passive video collection. In a time where so many aspects of our daily security and site access has been federated among different platforms, we stand to risk of being completely lost in a sea of data like never before. This course will discuss ways in which to enhance the functionality of a Surveillance System beyond just passively collecting video. We will talk about how leveraging integration with Access Control, Mobile Platforms, Real Time Health Monitoring Services, Web-Assets, and Customized Rule Sets can convert your VMS into an active centralized resource. This course will assist in providing you with complete situational awareness, while turning an ocean of information into a useful stream of data which can empower you.

  • Date and Time: Thursday, Jun 22, 12pm CST
  • Duration: 60 mins

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Optimizing, Organizing and Enhancing Your VMS
Thursday, Jul 13

Does managing hundreds or thousands of cameras make you anxious? Do you want to get organized and obtain superior performance with your Video Management System? In this webinar, Learn how to lower your network bandwidth utilization and organize your cameras, maps, and views into smaller more manageable groups. This webinar helps you to be more efficient so you can focus on other daily activities instead of searching through long lists of cameras, maps or views.

  • Date and Time: Thursday, Jul 13, 12pm CST
  • Duration: 60 mins

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